You Are Invited – Be A Part Of A New Inspirational Film


Have you ever stopped, spent time and considered:

  • If we, as an individual human being, might actually have a personal, unknown/unwritten destiny?
  • If so where are we in that “destiny journey” in our current daily lives?
  • And explored your own, personal human temptations?
  • Looked deeply into your trials of life and thought about how you handled them?
  • Wondered about your personal psychological make up?
  • Wondered if all human memories (or lack of them!)  may play any role in our current daily lives?
  • The ability (or lack) to overcome and conquer the challenges that you face each and every day?
  • Have you ever considered and asked yourself:  Where did it all “really!” began?
  • And if you knew where it all began would such knowledge be helpful in coping in today’s world, in the understanding of ourselves or those around us?
  • Are we really ‘spirit beings’ that have a mind, a soul and live in a structure called a “body” during our residency on earth?

In today’s secular world of psychology there is a known fact:  The development of a child is between birth to 6 or 8 years of that child’s life that sets the stage of life for that child.  Modern psychology says this is where it all “really” begins?  But does it?

You are invited to join us and be a supportive part in the development and filming of a true and powerfully inspirational story that we believe began in the life of a particular little boy long before the years indicated by secular modern psychological experts.

This is a story of a mere child, a street waif in a yet developing country that became a member of a violent gang, The Bloods.   For years ‘home’ for this young chap was living in a cemetery where he, besides stealing food, would catch, roast and eat cemetery snakes for survival.

As one journeys through the often breath taking, gripping and sometimes comical pages of events of this child’s life the questions loom, in part: was this his destiny?  Or the result of tragic circumstances? Could such a child ever rise and live “north” of the “souths” in his life?

Sean is his name.

Our desire is to produce a film around Sean’s life story that would:

  • Hopefully change another  child’s life that might be hanging out with the wrong crowd and headed in the wrong direction.
  • Give a parent help and hope in child guidance/direction
  • Be a spiritual teaching tool for others
  • Give hope to someone (even adults!) that might find themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation
  • Cause prospective adoptive parent(s) to consider opening their heart and home to  a ‘special needs’ child.
  • We want ‘you’ to be a part in the sharing of this lad’s incredible true life story!




Meanwhile, have you risen “north” from a “south” in your life?  If so, would you consider sharing your experience with others?  We’d love to hear your story!  We never know whose lives may be touched!

Please take a look at Our Fund Raising Sites Pages.  Those links are located in the column on your right.   The Holiday gift giving season is just around the corner.  We do have a great variety of gifts that is sure to meet those on ‘hard to please’ lists.  All proceeds will go toward this great inspirational film.   We THANK  YOU  in advance!

In His Glad Service,