What Has “Gone South” In Your Life? How Did You Overcome?

We all have heard someone talk about something, a crisis, happening, an event or even some parts of their physical body having “gone south.”   However few of us ever hear that person talk about what they did to correct the situation.

There are incredible “gone south” stories out there that hold valuable encouragement and inspiration for someone else.  Your personal true story  could very well be the motivational factor that might help another person get through a devastating time of their life.  You might have a personal story that will hold the “key of hope” for someone.

Have you ever considered that often times reaching out to others can bring inner healing to yourself?  It is so true!  As an example: one of the stories that we will share is one of a woman who experienced incomprehensible child abuse which included being deprived of food.  The memories of hunger ignited actual pain in her mind and caused her to become a hoarder of food, buying case lots of food and stashing it away . . . until the cans began to rust!   When a local organization put out a plea for volunteers to assist in a local food drive to help needy families during a holiday season this lady was only too glad to help, remembering her own painful childhood experiences.   However, an amazing thing happened to this lady:  she found tremendous satisfaction in helping with the food drive that offered to help in any other area that might be needed.  Then one day she realized that yes, she did remember being hungry as a child, however, those memories no longer held the horrible pain that she had previously experienced.   Helping others had healed her own, very real psychological pain that came with those memories!

Do you, like this lady, have an  overcoming story that you would be willing to share with others?  If so, we would love to hear it!

Or perhaps you have battled, and won, a serious health issue that would be of inspiration to others.

Perhaps you were victorious in a personal relationship that might help someone else.

Have you overcome an addiction that would give hope to another?

Whatever might have “gone south” in your life and however you managed to raise yourself above and learned how to live “north” of that “south” we would love to have you become a vessel of inspiration to someone else.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The “Living North Of South” Team